Doctor's PrescriptionDoctor's prescription 4 u. A cute little smile 4 breakfast. More laughs 4 lunch. Lots of happiness for dinner. Doctor's fee? An sms when u r free.

An apple keeps the doctor awayAn apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if doctor is cute, forget the fruit.

You are Geniusu r genius, ur mind is a master piece.It is divided into left and right.In the left part nothing is right and in right part nothing is left.

May God increase ur Happiness.May God increase ur happiness like prices of petrol, and decrease sorrows like clothes of Bipasha Basu.

Fresh Flowers for uI m going to give fresh
flowers 4 u and 4 ur loving thoughts and prayers to make u lighter and brighter.

It only takes a minuteIt only takes a minute to get a crush on someone an hour to like someone a day to love someone but it takes a lifetime to forget someone

Remember me and bare in mindRemember me and bare in mind A faithful girl is hard to find This is always good and true So dont go changing old for new!

Difference between pleasure and tortureWhat is the diff between pleasure and torture? Pleasure is thinking of u & torture is thinking of u 2 much.

If you see some one without a smile,If you see some one without a smile,give him one of yours ,because you are among a few good people who can shine others lives by just walking with him a few miles.

9 lessons in life:9 lessons in life:Learn 2 care, learn 2 smile,
learn 2 cry, learn 2 give, learn 2 forgive, learn to share, learn to trust, learn 2 love & learn 2 SMS me DAILY...!!!

When we sigh about our problems,When we sigh about our problems, they grow D_O_U_B_L_E. But when we laugh about them... they become ö ö ö ö ö BuBBLes! Have a bubbly life!

Our friendship has become our HABIT Our friendship has become our HABIT even if U take out H-ABIT remains.Take out A ,still BIT remains ,Finally take out B,still IT remains....

You know your 1 smile can cause 100 people dieDo you know your 1 smile can make 100 peoples die, so u can decrease this over population, so baby, please keep on smiling.

It is scientifically provedIt is
scientifically proved that suger can dissolve in water,so please dont go outside when it is raining, cuz u r the sweetest in the whole world.

I think U r very careless!!I think U r very careless!!!U come & leave things behind!!!! See now what u have left??U just came in my mind & left a smile on my face....

Only the open heart receives Only the open heart receives LOVEOnly the open mind receivesWISDOMOnly the open hand receivesGIFTSand...Only the CUTE 1's receiveMESSAGES From ME!

Nice people are blessed people,Nice people are blessed people,ever f
riendly, always smiling,forgive easily, hold no grudges and keep no malice. Send thisto a nice person.I just did.

Smile in pleasure & in pain,Smile in pleasure & in pain, Smile when trouble pours like a rain, Smile when some1 hurts u, Smile bcoz some1 still wants 2 c u SMILING !!

Those 'midnight teas',Those 'bday bumps'.Those 'midnight teas',Those 'bday bumps'... 'Old torn jeans', Those 'late night walks', 'long chats'... 'pinches & slaps'.. 'crushes on pals' & tat fight 4em', 'frying nuts'..making rowses bunking classes,calculating attendance percentage, copying tests and ass.:) gettin kicked out of class.. 'struggle 4marks', 'writin on desks', 'fight wit teachers', 'tears 4love', those B-grade movies... Jst evritin... "Tatz college life" v cal it"HEAVEN" By Jerry Joseph

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